Once again love is the air again this week at Nicholson’s. And this time it’s not the JN Taste Team’s latest infatuation with Olivier Zind Humbrect’s offerings. In the last few months we have noticed more and more couples coming into the shop to plan theirwedding wines. The wine is usually one of the last parts of a wedding to plan but this shouldn’t mean it doesn’t deserve careful consideration. From helping you choose from a vast selection to delivering to your wine to the venue free of charge, we actually enjoy taking some of burden! Every wedding and couple is unique and once we get an idea of your tastes we can suggest various different options. Couples enjoy browsing in the shop and with the help of knowledgeable, friendly staff can pick a few wines to try then and there in our state of the art tasting room. Alternatively, the wines can be purchased and taken away to try in the comfort of your own home. Some couples like to invite round the wedding party and make an evening of it!

Picking the wine for your wedding should be fun! It doesn’t matter if you are not a wine connoisseur, as long as you know what you like. Red, White or Rosé there is no set rule on what type of wine you should serve at your wedding but you should take into the consideration the time of year and the menu. If the sun is shining and spring/summer is in the air, crisp, refreshing whites will go quicker. Sometimes you can plan for a sunny day and order lots of white and it ends up raining with everyone fancying a comforting glass of red, or vice versa. These things aren’t always predictable. That is why we offer sale or return on all of our wedding purchases.

3 Wine Tips for Summer Weddings

Sparkling wine/Champagne always goes down a treat in the summer months. Some people insist on only serving champagne at their wedding but it is an acquired taste and not everyone appreciates it. That is why our excellent range of sparkling wine always proves so popular.

White wine can easily be overpowered by certain foods. Fresh and lively styles will instantly revive your guests after a long day.

During the summer months full bodied wine can be a little heavy and hard going. Light/Medium styles can still deliver and are a must with red meat dishes.