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Bordeaux 2010: A Modern Classic

Posted on 20th July 2011 by JN Wine

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Bordeaux 2010: A Modern Classic

Bodeaux 2010 En Primeur

“The 2010 vintage IS an exceptional year for red, and harks back to such great years as 2000, 1990, 1986, 1961, and may be even 1929, but the wines are made with much more precision in the vineyard and cellar giving them a more polished character than historic vintages. The young wines have such beauty in a toned and muscular way. The reds’ tannins are layered and caressing. Their acidities are strong and creamy. These are wines built for aging, but they also impress you when they are young. I really enjoyed tasting almost 700 samples from barrel in late March in Bordeaux.”
James Suckling,20 April 2010

Bordeaux 2010 en primeur

“As always we spent a full week in Bordeaux this April and have tasted in the region of 400 wines. 2010 follows the superb 2009 vintage and there can be no doubt it has the potential to join the top three vintages of the last two decades. It is always difficult to generalise about any vintage as there are micro climate variations and different performing wine makers but the wines show great purity and a long ageing potential, they are likely to outlast most of the 2009s. One thing that we can be sure of it is another great vintage.”

James Nicholson En Primeur 2010

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