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Stylish Summer Whites

Posted on 18th August 2012 by JN Wine

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Stylish Summer Whites

My taste in wine has evolved somewhat over the years and it seems to follow a particular pattern.  I stumble across a wine that I love then I drink around it – I look for wines made from the same grape(s) or from the same area to try to really understand what it is that I loved about the original bottle and how to find more wines in a similar vein.  This is how the whole world of wine has opened up to me – in little pockets which lead on to other little pockets.  Admittedly there have been a few horrors along the way but at the end of the day it’s a labour of love and I’m happy to persevere.

Part of the fascination of wine is the huge variety of wines out there to be discovered.  There is always something new to learn, something else to try, but with such endless possibilities available we sometimes need a nudge – a reason to try something new or a hint that something is just what we’re looking for.  We all love recommendations so we’ve put together some mixed cases to inspire some new discoveries.  The wines are grouped together by style; the essential characters of the wines are the same but there is enough variation between them to keep it interesting and varied.  All the wines are great quality and very enjoyable.

Light whites (available as 6 or 12 bottle case) are wines that are fresh and fruity with no oak (for the ‘anything but chardonnay’ people).  These are very easy-going white wines that can be drunk alone or with food.  If you love the fruity nature of Sauvignon Blanc and the delicate freshness of Pinot Grigio then these are similar in character and well worth a try if you’re looking for something new.

Sumptuous whites (available as 6 or 12 bottle case) are rich, generous and broad flavoured.  These white wines have more body and fullness than light whites.  Because they have more depth and flavour they go really well with food and will stand up to roast chicken or pork or even cheese or creamy dishes.  Some of these wines will have been aged in oak barrels but the oak is never overpowering – it supports the fruit and gives the wine a savoury, warming edge.  Chardonnay would generally fit into this category as do the gorgeous wines of Alsace and there are some fabulous blends to discover too.

We’d love to hear what you think, what’s your style?

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