20% Off selected Bordeaux wines until midnight this Sunday!

If you know where to look, there is fantastic value to be found in bordeaux. By hunting outside the seriously prestigious and expensive districts, you can find great quality wines that offer real value for money and wines with refreshingly moderate alcohol, elegance and subtlety. We have selected these 6 wines that we feel offer real value for money, typify the Bordeaux style and above all, taste great.

Open for a free tasting this weekend
Saturday 12th October:

Lamothe Bergeron Rouge 2007
Normal price: £16.50    Offer price £13.20

“2007 is a great vintage to be drinking now as it is perfectly mature, harmonious and smooth.”

Chateau Lamothe Bergeron 2007

Chateau Mylord Rouge 2010
Normal price: £10.75    Offer price: £8.60

“The best value Bordeaux Jim has ever bought. A real JN favourite!”

Chateau Mylord Rouge 2010

Chateau Mylord Blanc 2011
Normal Price: £10.45    Offer price: £8.36

“A refreshing and fruity blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle. Fantastic value”

Chateau Macquin Rouge 2010
Normal price: £13.25    Offer price: £10.60

“2010 was another fabulous vintage in Bordeaux. Snap them up now before they disappear!”

Chateau Macquin 2010 6pk

Chateau Recougne Blanc 2011
Normal price: £8.99    Offer price: £7.19

“A Sauvignon/Semillon blend. Bordeaux does this refreshingly fruity and crisp style so well.”

Chateau Recougne White 2011 Pk 6

Barrail du Blanc Rouge 2009
Normal price: £19.95    Offer price: £15.96

“2009 was a stellar vintage, very ripe and full and this is a wonderful taste of St Emilion at a very attractive price.”

Barrail Du Blanc 2009