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Winter Cases by Style

Posted on 6th December 2013 by JN Wine

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Winter Cases by Style

Winter is sneaking up on us and as the temperatures drop, evenings by the fireside at home become ever more appealing and a delicious glass of wine will set the scene very nicely!  Our latest style cases are just the thing to get your taste buds tingling. Each case is carefully selected to capture the essence of each different style so whether you love a fresh, crisp white wine or a big full bodied red we have just the thing and hopefully a few new wines for you to try too.

Light and fresh whites: Full Price £138.40, Offer Price £121.00
These are fruity, lively, fresh and crisp white wines.  If you love Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio these will suit your palate too.

Full bodied whites: Full Price £154.28, Offer Price £135.00
At the opposite end of the spectrum, these wines have bolder, deeper fruit flavours but usually with an added toasty or creamy dimension to give the wine a more savoury edge.

Soft and fruity reds: Full Price £140.68, Offer Price £123.00
When you’re looking for a lighter red to have without food, or something to go with a lighter dish, this is the kind of red you need.  They have plenty of fruit and lots of flavour but without so much body or heaviness so are perfect for parties.

Full bodied, rich reds: Full Price £152.94, Offer Price £133.00
These are the kinds of wines many of us automatically turn to in winter.  They go beautifully with the hearty meals that warm us up and they have plenty of dark berry fruit flavours, maybe a touch of spice and some warming vanilla notes.  These are wines to be savoured and lingered over.

If you would prefer just one bottle of each wine, these are all available as 6 bottle cases. Click here to see the full range

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