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Archive: Feb 2015

What Does ‘Corked’ Wine Mean?

By JN Wine |

What does ‘corked’ mean? How and why does it happen? Firstly, a corked wine does not refer to the little pieces of cork floating in the wine, this just happens if the cork is unscrewed badly, or it has disintegrated. A corked wine, or ‘cork taint’, means that the wine has been contaminated by a […]

Chateau Pontet Canet 2000 (RP 94points)

By JN Wine |

An unmissable opportunity has just arisen for us to purchase 10 cases (OWC x 12bts) of Alfred Tesseron’s legendary Chateau Pontet Canet 2000. Whether for drinking this year or putting away for another decade this wine is simply a surefire winner and a must-have for anyone interested in putting together a cellar. Chateau Pontet Canet […]

Unveiled – the perfect wedding wines for your special day.

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Your wedding day – it’s the best and most stressful day of your life.  It can bring out the Bridezilla/Groom Kong in all of us if you let it!  Amongst all the dresses, suits, place settings and flowers to sort out two of the most important things to organise are food and drink.  Here at […]

The Heavenly Wines of Roc des Anges

By JN Wine |

Marjorie Gallet doesn’t do small talk, nor does she wax lyrical about the wines she labours to craft in the rugged foothills of the Pyrenees. She will give you the facts and leave you to taste because her wines will give you everything you need … and more. These are complex, challenging wines, a world […]

The Perfect Wine for a Gift

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Wine Can Always Make A Good Gift Wine as a gift has many guises. Taking a bottle to dinner to show appreciation, picking a special bottle(s) to celebrate an occasion, a case of a specific vintage marking an anniversary it goes on and on…. And when it comes to choosing the wine for a gift […]