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Making a Case for French, Italian and Iberian Wines – Shop Now!

Posted on 18th March 2015 by JN Wine


Making a Case for French, Italian and Iberian Wines – Shop Now!

Ever feel like you are buying the same wine time and time again? Don’t worry, you are not alone! It is easy to fall into a pattern of buying something you know and love – we all have a comfort zone. Sometimes it pays to be a little more adventurous and that’s where our mixed cases come in to play.

Do you always stick to Rioja? Maybe you will enjoy tasting the other wines Spain has to offer, and Portugal is always a great choice for spicy reds – you are bound to find some treasure in our ‘Adventures in Iberia’ case. From the ever popular Rioja, to the lesser known Mencía grape and sparkling Alvarinho – there are many different styles to explore. This 12 bottle case covers a varied selection of what Spain and Portugal have to offer, and a great way to widen your horizons.

Adventures in Iberia


Are you a fan of all things Italian? Or do you find it hard to deviate from your usual pickings of Pinot Grigio, and Chianti? Italy can be a hard place to explore without a little guidance – and ‘An Italian Job’ is just that. With wines from every corner of Italy, and even one from Sicily there is much to choose from in this mixed case. Let us show you around, you’re really going to like it!

An Italian Job


France – the home of endless classic wines and favourite destination of many wine drinkers. Rhône wines are some of my personal favourites.  For some, however the selection can be overwhelming. Maybe you too enjoy what the Rhône has to offer, but tend to avoid the complicated areas of Burgundy and Bordeaux. Or perhaps you are yet to discover the wonder that is Loire Sauvignon Blanc. This is your time! Our ‘Foray into France’ case includes a sample from 6 of France’s wonderful regions, along with some case notes to keep you informed – making it a great way to explore this beautiful country.

Foray into France


So dust off your adventure boots, and pick a case. It’s a great way to learn something new, whilst enjoying an interesting glass of wine!

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