As a serial wedding attendee it always astounds me how fixated the bride and groom are in making sure their guests are having the best time ever! Have you enough bread…gravy…entertainment…wine? Yes I am fine, I am being fed…watered…entertained…now go away and enjoy your meal!!!!

When planning the best party that you are ever going to throw, where do you start to ascertain what wine will keep you and your guests happy? You will not be able to cater to everyone’s tastes. But you can get close, maybe 99%.  Wedding guests are more than happy to step out of their comfort zone for you on your big day.

The first thing to think about is personal taste. What grape varieties/countries do you and your soon-to-be-betrothed sway towards?  If the groom drinks nothing but Sauvignon Blanc – then that is going to be the grape of choice. If Rioja holds a special place in your heart because it was the bottle you shared on your first date, then that will also work.  Don’t panic if you have no stand out wines and are happy to experiment with all styles, we are here to narrow it down for you.

The third and last thing to consider is quality. You do not have to increase your wine budget to gain quality. Instead a little time spent in researching wine offerings will increase everyone’s enjoyment. If you need a helping hand, any independent merchant will be more than happy to guide you along, work within your budget and choose wines that your guests will remember.