A very limited offer.

Very occasionally I come across stunning winemaking efforts from virtually unknown wine regions.  A couple of months ago I tasted two wonderful wines from the Teruel region of Spain.  The vineyards are high in altitude (the highest in Spain) with the coldest winters and coolest summers and lie in the middle of a forest.

The wines are made in tiny quantities, so I am afraid we have to restrict sales to a maximum of 12 bottles per person which may be mixed.

Rubus is a blend of Garnacha, Syrah, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon and only 1,000 cases were produced.

Rubus Quercus is mainly Garnacha, with a third Syrah and 10% Cabernet Franc.  Tiny amounts are made, in this vintage just 300 cases!

We are honoured to be the only importing country in the world at the moment and I really recommend you try these wonderful wines by Jesus Romero.

Jesus Romero Rubus 2014 

Bottle Price: £10.95 / €16.75 Case Bottle Price: £9.86 / €15.08

Authentic, small scale, artisan winemaking is practiced in Bodega Jesus Romero of Rubielos de Mora. Jesus is a lover of good wines and his local town of Teruel and the surrounding land within the province of Aragon. Along with winemaker Juan Vicente Alcañiz and his father Vincent, this wine has been crafted from Garnacha, Syrah & Tempranillo and sees no oak ageing. Fresh, fruit driven and very forward with notes of raspberry and cranberry, exhibiting nice complexity and charming body. A new wine to us at JN Wine, from an exciting region. Stocks are limited as the wine is in short supply!

Jesus Romero Rubus Quercus 2014 

Jesus Romero Rubus Quercus 2014 Pk6

Bottle Price: £13.95 / €21.00 Case Bottle Price: £12.56 / €18.90

Another new wine from the Bodega Jesus Romero and the big brother to the delightful Jesus Romero Rubus. This wine is made in even smaller quantities, roughly 300 cases this year and is a richer, more brooding prospect. Built upon a blend of Garnacha and Syrah, the wine has increased complexity and structure due to ageing in French oak for 5 months. Medium to full bodied, red and black fruit mingle with supple tannin and a brisk lick of acidity make it a beautiful partner to autumnal stews and casseroles. The name ‘Quercus’ refers to the species of oak tree that is native to most of Europe and indeed the type of oak in which this wine rests for the months before release.