The annual offer of Ridge Monte Bello is always eagerly awaited by its many fans. Even if you are just venturing into the world of fine wine for the first time, this is the offer for you.

Over my 35 years in the wine business I have been lucky enough to taste Ridge Monte Bello on numerous occasions and across many vintages and I can honestly say that not once have I been disappointed.

Although Ridge make many different styles of wine, Monte Bello is the estate’s top wine and is always produced from the best of the red Bordeaux varietals grown on their top sites. Without doubt it is up there with the aristocracy of Bordeaux in terms of quality (as witnessed by the Judgement of Paris) but, in my opinion, is without equal when it comes to for value for money. The Ridge 2015 Harvest report has arrived on our desks in Crossgar and once again, it looks like they have produced a sensational Monte Bello. Unfortunately we never have enough to meet the demand, so please get your order in quickly and we will endeavour to share it out as fairly as possible!

Jane Boyce MW

“Unlike the past three Monte Bello vintages, when we faced the threat of rapid sugar development, ripening in 2015 was more gradual, and harvest slower-paced. This gave us time to thoroughly separate each vineyard parcel’s high- and low-vigor areas for selective picking. In total, we fermented forty-six small lots, ranging in size from two to nine barrels. All four varieties fermented out beautifully, and produced great quality. In particular, petit verdot came back strong from a challenging 2014, and produced the most opaque wines of 2015. There are no surprises with the parcels that typically make up Monte Bello; they all have distinct vineyard character, and should make the selection. A couple of young vine parcels are coming up in quality, and have started to show Monte Bello character. In January, once all the barrels have finished natural malolactic fermentation, blind tasting will begin for the first assemblage. Comparing growing seasons and wine character, 2015 is shaping up as very similar to 1995, which remains one of the finest vintages of that decade”. Eric Baugher (11 November 2015)

                                         THE OFFER                                                     The annual Ridge Monte Bello offer has become ever more popular with each succeeding year. Last year’s 2014 offer sold out within two days and we don’t imagine the 2015 will stick around for very long either!

Ridge Monte Bello 2015 6 x 75cl in wood

Price (excl VAT and duty)  £475    €595

Offer is limited to a maximum of 2 cases per customer

The wine will arrive here late Spring 2018. At that time we will write to inform you of its arrival and you can decide whether to take delivery or store in Bonded warehouse. VAT and duty will be charged at rates prevailing at time of delivery.