The North-West of Spain is home to a new wave of red and white wines.

Dominio de Tares Baltos 2013, Bierzo

Bottle Price: £11.50 / €17.35 Offer Bottle Price: £9.77 / €14.75 

Baltos is made from the Mencía grape. The vines here are very old which gives the wine a wonderful depth. Smooth juicy red fruits are bursting out of the glass. Your friends and family will love you forever for giving them a glass of this!

Dominio de Tares Godello 2014, Bierzo

Dominio De Tares Godello 2013 Pk6

Bottle Price: £17.95 / €23.99 Offer Bottle Price: £15.70 / €18.36 

Godello is an ancient Spanish grape variety. This is a wine to try if you want to broaden your wine drinking horizons and expose your taste buds to new sensations. This is a textural white wine that exudes elegance – and the Galician climate gives it a refreshing edge! On a par with a well made Burgundy.

Both of these wines will be open for tasting in JN Wine on Saturday the 2nd of July.