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Burgundy on Fire!

Posted on 22nd February 2017 by JN Wine

Burgundy on Fire!

February, a busy month in the vineyards, with smoky fires raging throughout the whole of the Cote D’or.

It’s an important time for pruning, with the burnt ashes ploughed back into the soil, securing the vines life circle, with a promise of spring just around the corner. It’s a wonderful and rewarding time to visit the many individual growers we work with and taste the newly bottled 2015 vintage with a snap preview of their newly born 2016’s.

It was a three day whirlwind trip with around 5 appointments each day. In general terms, the 2015 reds are unquestionably some of the finest efforts of the past ten years. And the whites are enormously attractive, sensual with lovely flavours of white flowers and hazelnut aromas; in many cases from medium toasted oak. The 2014 whites have added complexity and probably a longer life ahead but the 2015’s have all the charm and elegance to make for delicious drinking over the next 5 years for village and premier crus.

We are currently selecting, reserving and shipping many new wines which we will be releasing over the next 6 months, watch this space.


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