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Explore Languedoc – Roussillon

Posted on 21st March 2017 by JN Wine

Explore Languedoc – Roussillon

In the not-too-distant past, Languedoc – Roussillon was the obvious choice as a source of copious amounts of cheap wine to impress the neighbours over the fondue.  Now, thanks to winemakers being encouraged to innovate and experiment, this vast wine region is home to some of the most exciting wines to be found anywhere in the world.

James Nicholson has always been a champion of winemakers from Languedoc – Roussillon and we are proud to show off just some of the fantastic wines from our friends in the region.

 We have collated a number of interesting cases, with great discounts – to let you explore the region for yourself! Click to visit our website or Click this link below to download the brochure.

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