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The Taste Languedoc-Roussillon Case

Posted on 13th April 2017 by JN Wine

The Taste Languedoc-Roussillon Case

The best way to know Languedoc-Roussillon is to try this alternative introductory case. Domaine Ventenac La Cuvée de Stephanie Merlot achieves the remarkable feat of being both sophisticated and approachable, giving this popular grape variety added kudos. The Cépage Grenache from Domaine Gayda is a beautifully rich and velvety red, smooth and full. Château de la Negly Domaine de Boède Pavillon is 100% Syrah, with spicy dark fruit and black pepper notes – depth and elegance combined.

One of the characteristics of the winemaking scene in Languedoc-Roussillon is the welcome extended to winemakers from across the globe. Northern Ireland ex-pats Charles and Ruth Simpson of Domaine Sainte Rose have produced the excellent unoaked Sirocco Chardonnay, bursting with varietal fruit characteristics. The fresh and zesty La Combe Saint Roch Blanc will undoubtedly appeal to Sauvignon lovers while the increasingly fashionable Picpoul de Pinet is represented at JN Wine by Domaine Gaujal’s Picpoul de Pinet, wonderfully dry, fresh and crisp and ideal for drinking with fresh seafood.

A Taste of Languedoc-Roussillon

Twelve Pack Price £98 / €143

Six Pack Price £52 / €75

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