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Which Rosé Wine?

Posted on 1st June 2017 by JN Wine

Which Rosé Wine?

Food and Wine Pairings to celebrate National Rosé Day on the 10th of June.

This is a great time of year to explore the exciting world of Rosé wine. And by Rosé wine, I mean “proper” Rosé wine; the clean, crisp and, most importantly, dry styles of Rosé that pair wonderfully with so many types of food. Rosé, unfortunately, is a victim of its own success; the sales of off-dry and sweet blush styles continue to rise, while many are reluctant to try better quality rosés. Well, we hope to change this. Rosés come in a wide range of styles. While many are familiar with mass produced White Zinfandel from California, the most famous Rosés come from Provence in the south-east of France, where they are sipped in coastal bars and paired with local cuisines rich in olive oil, garlic and herbs. Other fantastic examples of Rosé come from Spain, Portugal and, surprisingly, Lebanon and Germany. And let’s not forget about Rosé Champagne!

Rosé is a fantastic style of wine; lighter than red, richer than white, it is served chilled and can complement a wide array of cuisines. Rosé can be enjoyed throughout the entire meal, especially the richer styles, which can make an exciting alternative to red. Rosé is a great compliment to small plates and tapas; the bright flavours of strawberry and raspberry on top of gentle floral aromatics perfectly compliment the saltiness of charcuterie, while the crisp acidity can cut through the richness of fried and battered foods. It also makes a great aperitif, especially on a hot day!


Here are some wonderful Rosé and Food Pairing suggestions to help you celebrate Rosé Day on the 11th of June;

  • Chateau Vignelaure La Source Rosé 2015 £11.99 – Match this with some crispy prosciutto and avocado salad for an excellent lunch.
  • Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé 2015 – This Rosé will work beautifully with grilled frankfurters and potato salad.
  • Domaine du Joncier Lirac Rosé 2013 £13.99 – A richer style, pair this Rosé with a mild chicken or seafood curry.
  • Roc des Anges Effet Papillon Rosé 2015 £10.75 – This Rosé will pair beautifully with deep fried calamari and garlic mayonnaise.
  • Secateurs Rosé 2015 £10.50 – Will pair really well with a simple Chilli Con Carne.
  • JN Wine Sparkling Rosé NV £14.50 A great apéritif or with poultry, white meat dishes & also a real pleasure with fruit desserts.

Please let us know your opinions on these suggestions, and we would also love to hear about your favourite Rosé and food pairing for the summer. Enjoy! Shop Rosé Wine Now

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