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Archive: Jul 2017

Three Best Alternatives to Champagne

By JN Wine |

Nothing enlivens the palate or the soul quite as well as bubbles. A love of fizz is a love of effervescence, both in drinking and in life. We admit that there is something magical about Champagne, a sensation of elegance and indulgence that is a genuine treat. But there is a world of alternatives that […]

Wines with that Holiday Vibe

By JN Wine |

Wine has a sense of place and has the ability to transport you to its origin, to the land on which the grapes grew and to the people who harvested the grapes, pressed them and saw the finished product through to its bottle. And then that bottle ends up in your kitchen here in sunny […]

Tokaji’s time to shine

By JN Wine |

Tokaji is one of those wine styles you learn about on wine courses and read about in books but perhaps have never encountered face to face. Well, now’s your chance as this month’s newest arrival is a Hungarian classic with a modern twist. Up until now the JN taste team have barely ventured further east […]