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Archive: Aug 2017

Drinking Windows Explained

By JN Wine |

What is a ‘drinking window’? A fine wine will have an optimum period of time when it is judged to be at the peak of maturity and therefore ideal for drinking.  This is known as the wine’s drinking window. What is wrong with drinking a wine outside of this window? Fine wines, particularly the red […]

Pairing Red Wines with Steak

By JN Wine |

Pairing Red Wines with Steak When it comes to pairing wine with steak, the two most important things to keep in mind are fat and tannin. The higher the fat content in the steak, the more tannin you need to help break down the protein. If you pair a low tannin red with a fatty […]

Low Alcohol Wines

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What are low alcohol wines? We are seeing a small but growing trend of people seeking wines lower in alcohol. If you are trying to ease off on the alcohol consumption for health reasons, looking for something light to bring to the lunch-time table, or just want to lower the chances of a sore head […]