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Vineyard Showcase -St Jacques D’Albas

Posted on 26th October 2017 by JN Wine

Vineyard Showcase -St Jacques D’Albas

Château St. Jacques d’Albas is situated in the Minervois, within the Languedoc region in the South of France.  Nestled in the hills behind the medieval city of Carcassonne. To the North are the Black mountains, to the Southeast the Mediterranean ocean, and the snow peaked Pyrénées rise to the South.

St. Jacques’ rich history stretches back thousands of years, though very little has been accurately documented prior to the 15th century, first mention being in 1437, this history has not been forgotten and a chapel, probably dating from the C11th century, still dominates the property and was restored in 2014.

Woodland and garrigue (indigenous, wild herb) cover two thirds of the domaine – and much of the land beyond that – providing a refuge for migratory birds and wild animals, as well as a healthy ecological protection for the interspersed 26 hectares of vine plots. Our winemaking philosophy is to respect nature’s environment, while applying modern techniques to allow the “terroir” to express itself.

This holistic approach was not always the case though.  Graham Nutter, smitten by the site purchased the domaine in 2001 and implemented renovation and change of land use, grape planting and facilities. Replanting was led by a policy of quality replacement, notably syrah and grenache, increasingly demanded by consumers. Patience was required here too, as soil has to be allowed to “sleep” for some 7-12 years before replanting, nowadays the vines average 20 years old.  We too are indeed smitten to hear that under the watchful eye of Graham the Chateau has continued to improve and produce memorable wines from a spectacular part of the world.  With this qualitative uplift, Minervois wines are a seductive value-for-money proposition from the Old World, more akin to a New World offering; with Gallic charm.

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