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Introducing Shortcross Cask Finish Gin

Posted on 30th November 2018 by JN Wine

Introducing Shortcross Cask Finish Gin

This strictly limited-edition Cask Finish gin has been distilled for JN Wine by the Rademon Estate.  We sourced and shipped the casks from premium Bordeaux property, Chateau Cantemerle.  Then the magic started.

Quietly resting in Chateau Cantemerle casks for just three months, the flavours and characters from the oak barrel infused into the gin giving it a unique salmon pink colour. The gin exhibits the key Shortcross characteristics with herbaceous floral notes of rose petals, followed by juniper and warm vanilla notes from the cask.

This limited-edition Cask finish gin is sure is delight gin lovers far and wide this Christmas.

On the nose: Herbaceous, floral bouquet followed by juniper and warm vanilla.

To taste: Dark fruits developing into bright Juniper with a hint of clover and Elderflower.

To finish: A balance of spice and botanical oils giving a lush, rich mouthfeel.

Signature Serve

50ml Shortcross Cask Finish
120ml Fevertree Aromatic Tonic
Dehydrated Orange Wheel or Pink Grapefruit
Lots of ice

This is a very limited and exclusive product with only a few hundred bottles crafted. Order your bottle now. 

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