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Fact vs Fiction: Wine Myths Busted! Part 1

Posted on 8th February 2019 by JN Wine

Fact vs Fiction: Wine Myths Busted! Part 1

We hear loads of different questions and wine myths from our customers on a day to day basis. We are often asked for sulphur free wine because someone’s friend told them it wouldn’t give them a hangover, or “is there supposed to be sediment in my wine?” So, we decided to cover the major ones in a series of quick blog posts.


Wine Myth – Sulphur gives you a hangover

There’s a bit of a trend lately for “Natural Wines” (a bit of an ambiguous term, in our humble opinion) or wines made with no real human intervention, because one of the main selling points of natural wines has been low levels of sulphur, something that has led advocates to claim that they don’t give you a hangover. This, unfortunately, is not true. A hangover is caused by an overindulgence in alcohol, not sulphur, which is a natural by-product of fermentation (“natural wines” still contain sulphur, just smaller amounts). If you drink 3 bottles of natural wine, an alcoholic beverage, then you will feel just as bad as if you drunk 3 bottles of Liebfraumilch, also an alcoholic beverage!  Our selection of wines come from wineries that practise sensible, sustainable farming methods, that have generations of experience and dedicate themselves to their vines and their land; you can’t get much more “natural” than that.


Wine Myth – Sediment in wine is bad

Not at all. In fact, if you ask most of our retail team, they will tell you that sediment in your wine is a good thing! It means that the wine has been unfined and unfiltered (not stripped of anything during the bottling process). This leads to a more flavourful wine with a richer texture. Of course, it can be unpleasant to get a mouthful of grape sediment when finishing you glass of wine, and while harmless (some even say healthy), most of us like the sediment to be removed. This can be done easily by decanting. Click the link below more info:

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