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Archive: Apr 2019

Jim’s thoughts on Bordeaux 2018

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The first week in April always heralds our departure for Bordeaux and the beginning of 10-hour, action-packed days, visiting many Chateaux and joining in comparative tastings throughout the week. Many of the top wines have been tasted two or three times and very often on different days. It’s so difficult to summarise a vintage in […]

Felton Road Visit by Jane Boyce MW

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Last month I had the pleasure of spending a day at Felton Road with their talented winemaker Blair Walter. Blair has worked at Felton Road since 1996 and has overseen the transformation of this special place in the Bannockburn area of Central Otago. You need to be there to take in the location and the […]

Wine Myths Busted Part 2

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There are lots of myths and theories about how to spot “quality wine” and how to avoid the plonk. While some have a bit of merit, most of them hold very little truth. Let’s have a look at some common myths.   MYTH – “Good legs” means good wine This is an oldie, but a […]