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Just Chill

Just Chill

The idea that red wine has to be served at room temperature is dated and out of fashion. Wine lovers in this country routinely serve their red wines far too warm (and their whites far, far too cold!).

In the 17th century French chateaux, where the rules and conventions of wine were discussed and decided upon, “room temperature” was quite substantially cooler than in our nice comfortable homes of today. The ideal serving temperature for most red wines is 16-18°C. As I write this, the current temperature inside the office is somewhere in and around 22°C, so theoretically every bottle of red in here could do with 20 or 30 minutes in the chiller.

As me move (hopefully) closer to our Northern Irish summer, there may be call to dust off the BBQ and enjoy a few glasses of wine in the garden. But do not confine yourself to light, fresh whites and crisp, dry Rosés, there are a plethora of reds that taste great from the fridge and pair really well with all the big, meaty BBQ classics (and not a Beaujolais among them!)

4 Red wines to chill


Familia Martínez Bujanda Joven 2018, £8.99 / €13.99

This Joven (“young” wine) sees no oak ageing. 100% Tempranillo, the wine ages in stainless steel tanks in order to maintain a fresh full-fruit character.  Ruby red with purple highlights, fresh and fruity, it is a perfect sipper and refreshing in the warmer weather with a slight chill, around 14°c. Red berry and blue fruit, the palate is medium bodied with food-friendly acidity. A brilliant party wine, try with wide variety of foods like tapas, chorizo, patés, white meats, fish and cheese. Vegan Friendly


A A Badenhorst Family Wines Secateurs Red Blend 2018, £10.99 / €15.50

82% Cinsault, 10% Shiraz and  8% Grenache, this red blend from Adi Badenhorst continues to remain a true favourite for staff and customers alike. Adi makes wines in a traditional, natural style, using old vines and old wood to craft fresh, crunchy reds that beg to be drunk young. He practises organic viticulture, but does not hold certification. Pop this into the fridge for 45 minutes or so and enjoy alongside hots dogs and potato salad! Vegan Friendly

Adi Badenhorst ,South Africa


Chateau du Hureau Saumur-Champigny Tuffe 2015, £14.99 / €19.85

This Cabernet Franc wine from the Loire Valley is crafted from fifteen different batches of old and young vines grown on the distinctive free-draining tuffeau soils. Wild flowers and thyme meld with sweet mulberry fruit to produce a flavoursome palate and a lingering finish. Deeply coloured yet with deft tannin, this is a soft sumptuous and thoroughly enjoyable wine, this is really serious… but which doesn’t take itself too seriously! Its delightful lack of pretension that will please one and all! Try it lightly chilled with BBQ hearty lamb and fish dishes. Certified Organic


Cantina Colterenzio Lagrein 2017, £14.89 / €19.99

One of the least talked about notable wine regions in Italy is Alto Adige. Lagrein is one of the Alto Adige’s native varieties. It has a character similar to Beaujolais or Gamay from the Loire, but with the super high acidity that makes Italian wines so recognisable. The wine has soft, silky tannins and bright blue and black fruit flavours, which will pair perfectly with pizza or tomato-based pasta dishes (especially when baked!). Serve around 14-16°C. Certified Organic and Vegan Friendly



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