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Halloween Wines and Movie pairings!

Posted on 29th October 2021 by JN Wine

Halloween Wines and Movie pairings!

Who doesn’t have a watch list of classic scary movies to watch in October? Why not pair your watchlist with wines for maximum Halloween enjoyment? We have put together three classic movies and wine pairings


You need popcorn when watching Scream, if you don’t already have it, you will want some after the opening scene with Drew Barrymore making popcorn on the stove. What better to go with your popcorn than a medium or full bodied, buttery chardonnay.

Why not try our Au Bon Climat Wild Boy Chardonnay from California, rich creamy texture, medium body and buttery notes from the French oak ageing. Another great wine to match your popcorn is our Chateau de Beauregard Pouilly Fuisse, using chardonnay grapes this Burgundy is another great full bodied, buttery, honeyed wine.


A classic horror movie, with plenty of gore and scares, why not pair with a pepperoni pizza and a bottle of a classic red wine. Just remember to put the wine down before the jumpy bits, no red wine stains in the carpet please!

Chianti classico with its ruby red colour, medium body and savoury palate is a great partner for any horror movie. This Italian sangiovese wine is full of character to match the big characters in the movie. Another good red is the French red blend of Lirac by Roger Sabon, a juicy, full bodied red that is very easy to enjoy.


Who else buys Halloween sweets (or candy) for trick and treaters but ends up eating some of it while watching their favourite horror movies. Try matching the sweetness with a dessert wine.

Chateau Pesquie Muscat de Beaumes de Venise is perfect for Halloween, its clear golden colour with silver glints is almost ethereal. A muscat from the Rhone valley with a medium body, it is complex and fresh and perfect with sweet treats. Or for a bit of spice with your sugar, try the Cypres de Climens from Bordeaux. Sugary and sweet but with spice and weight, this medium bodied wine will add and extra level to your Candyman treats.

Hope you enjoy our scary movie and wine pairings, have a good Halloween and enjoy the scares!

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