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Christmas Essentials

This carefully chosen selection is designed to remove some of the stress of your Christmas preparations. Two sparklers are included to get the proceedings off to a flyer - JN's own-label sparkling wine made for us in the Loire the traditional Champagne method and and JN's newest fizzer Portugal's Soalheiro, a credible rival to Champagne.

Two wines are chosen to accompany your starter choice: Mud House Sauvignon, a New Zealander perfect with smoked salmon or seafood or as an aperitif and Domaine Saint-Denis Macon-Lugny from Burgundy, whose crystalline purity of fruit will prepare the palate for more robust fare.

Your main courses, whether fish, fowl or fancy, will find an ideal companion with either or all of our reds. First, in order of body weight is a 2011 Givry from Remoissenet, another JN newcomer which would accompany light meats perfectly; next is Umani Ronchi's Jorio Montepulciano red, a soft, juicy wine with red berry flavours and very attractive spicy notes - perfect with hearty stews and any meat dish involving long, slow cooking. The red trio is completed by Domaine Modat's Petits Mots d'Amour, a round, full-bodied wine with sweet, ripe tannins - a marriage made in heaven with any rich beef dish.

Desserts will find an attractive companion in Finca Antigua's peachy Moscatel (half bottle) or Quady Starboard Batch 88 (half-bottle), California's zanily titled answer to Port. This judiciously chosen case is designed to cover as many festive culinary combinations as possible.

Full Price €220.03, Offer Price €190.00