Being constantly on the lookout for something new and exciting to offer to our customers, we are delighted to announce that we have managed to purchase a small parcel of Champagne and it’s now available for a very appealing price!

De Beaulieu Champagne is made by the Lombard & Médot house located in Epernay, the capital of the Champagne region.  This is a small, quality conscious family owned Champagne house, the kind of place that you need to hunt around to find.

The family vines are primarily located in the Montagne de Reims area in the west of the Champagne region.  This area is best suited to the Pinot Meunier grape and it is no surprise that this grape constitutes the lion’s share of the blend.  Pinot Noir is the second major component and the rest is made up with a small percentage of Chardonnay.  Pinot Meunier is particularly fruity and juicy and adds flavour and body to the blend.  Pinot Meunier also creates wines that are much more approachable in youth and don’t have hard acidity.  This is a very charming style of Champagne and is perfect for drinking now – it’s not one to hide under the stairs for a few years.

Lombard & Médot have the twin advantages of modern equipment to get the best out of their fruit and a wealth of talent and experience in the cellars.  The art of Champagne making lies in blending; blending base wines from different grape varieties, sites and years to create a consistent house style of non-vintage Champagne.  Not only that but the winemakers have to be able to predict how the wine will change as it goes through the secondary fermentation which gives the bubbles.  Mastering all of this takes years and demands extraordinary skill and talent – all of which the Lombard team have in abundance.

The style of the De Beaulieu NV champagne is elegant and fresh with delicate brioche, honeyed and lemon citrus notes.  It has fine, persistent bubbles and is very well balanced and very pleasant in character.  It makes a great aperitif, or for toasts and of course with the festive season and all the associated indulgence just around the corner…

The Champagne will be open for tasting this Friday and Saturday 10th and 11th, 12-5pm.  We'll see you then!

Buy 6 bottles of Champagne at a special price of only £16.95 per bottle, a saving of 15%.  

Champagne De Beaulieu Brut