There are people in this world who find something they like and stick to it. There are other people whose favourite thing is more of a transient state than a permanent fixture and who eat and drink according to their mood rather than a fixed idea of what they like. If any of that sounds familiar, we have just the thing to satisfy that thirst...

Top 12

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A mix of 12 different wines that covers a really good selection of the types of wines available from around the world.  These are perfect for enthusiastic wine drinkers who have quite broad taste and enjoy a diverse range of flavours and tastes. The wines are from New Zealand, Spain, France, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Portugal, Argentina and California and these are the kind of wines that really represent what we do. You can find alternative wines from similar regions in the supermarkets but these are from small producers who lavish care and attention on their products. It’s a different world and one that we love.

Thinking Outside the Box

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Perfect for enthusiastic imbibers! Again, don’t buy for the fusspots.  This is for people who are adventurous drinkers (they are probably adventurous cooks and eaters too). They like all different kinds of food and wine, they’re not fussy and they probably eat and drink according to what mood they’re in or are continually looking for something new. Probably they know a bit about wine too. These are really interesting bottles, from new regions, smaller appellations or they’re a twist on the unexpected. Each bottle should open up a whole new experience and offer an interesting journey round the wine world.