They say 13 can be unlucky for some, but this definitely was not an unlucky year for winemakers in NZ.  They have been blessed with pretty much perfect weather conditions meaning winemakers and growers can relax, sit back and allow Mother Nature to do her thing.  All they have to do is pick when the grapes are at their absolute best and not interfere too much in the winery.  You can make a poor wine with good grapes, but you can never make a great wine without great grapes so 2013 wines should be the best expression of the fruit each vineyard grows.  In the hands of the talented folks at Cloudy Bay, you can be sure you’ll be getting something special.

The great news for us is that harvest time in Europe might be in September/October, but in New Zealand they harvest in March/April so the Sauvignon Blanc grapes have been fermented, the wine has been bottled, packed up and shipped to the other side of the world and has just arrived on our doorstep!  They definitely haven’t been hanging around.

If you need an excuse to crack open a bottle of something delicious, I do believe the weekend is looming….  Or if you have the patience of a saint, we’ll be opening it for tasting on Saturday 23rd November when we’ll be showing some of the wines from our White Christmas case.  Will the popularity of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ever abate?  With wines this good, I doubt it…

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2013