Tasty Tasting with Kate Radburnd - Winemaker, Pask Winery New Zealand

Isn’t it great when a plan comes together! Just as our new Kate Radburnd wines have settled nicely into the JN portfolio, Kate has announced that she is coming for a visit! 

Pask Winemaker and Managing Director Kate Radburnd is one of New Zealand's most acclaimed winemakers. She commands an international reputation for her extensive record of award winning wines and her vision and contribution to the industry. With New Zealand’s fantastic reputation for top quality varietal wines, we are delighted to show a range that encapsulates that singularity in a very approachable and easy to drink way. 

When: Saturday 12th September 

Place: The Tasting Room, JN Wine, Crossgar

Price: £5 per person

Time: 2 - 3pm

Book online here, or contact us on 02844 830091