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Under the Spotlight - Cracking Christmas Champagne! Shop Now.

Not that I ever need an excuse, but if you can’t pop a few corks of bubbly over Christmas and New Year, when can you?! There’s something for everyone in our range of Champagne and sparkling wines, and with 15% off some our favourites, there’s no excuses. If you want to go down the traditional Champagne route for the special occasion, look no further than Louis Roederer for that classic style of toasty, briochey goodness. Billecart-Salmon make a deliciously elegant and lean style, while the Forget-Brimont NV is a beautifully soft and fruity example.

Roederer Brut Nv Pk6Billecart Salmon Nv  Pk6Forget Brimont Pk6

After all the fuss and hype, we’ve finally found an English Sparkling wine producer that ticks all our boxes – the Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs is 100% Chardonnay delightfulness, and the Rosé is full of delicate strawberry flavour with a lengthy finish. The Brut Reserve 2009 is a classic Champagne blend, with the complexity and finish to go with it.

Gusbourne Blanc De Blancs 2009 Pk6Gusbourne Sparkling Rose 2010 Pk6Gusbourne Brut Reserve 2009 Pk6

Prosecco has become a real hit, and it’s easy to see why – very drinkable and very affordable. Made from the Glera grape in the hills of north-eastern Italy, we have seen the demand for this wine increase dramatically, as it’s a perfect party or celebration wine. Prosecco Doc Spumante is an easy drinking, fruity, floral example, and is a good candidate if you’re planning a few bubbly-inspired cocktails over the holidays. With a bit more personality and complexity, try Nino Franco’s Rustico, or their single-vineyard award-winner, San Floriano.

Prosecco Doc Spumante Pk6Nino Franco Prosecco Rustico 6pk

For something a little out of the ordinary, try the Soalheiro Espumante, made from Alvarinho grapes (also known as Albariño across Spanish border) in the north of Portugal – made in the traditional Champagne method, this wine has become a real hit at JN as an interesting alternative to toast with, with real purity of fruit and elegance. A staff favourite at JN, the Sartarelli Spumante is hard to beat too – well known for their award-winning still wines made from 100% Verdicchio variety, the sparkler is gaining quite a following, and it’s easy to see why with its aromatic and refreshing style.

Soalheiro Espumante Alvarinho 2012 Pk6Sartarelli Brut Spumante 6pk

So whether you’re looking for something to whet your appetite on Christmas day, or that special bottle to toast to 2015, get those corks popping!

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There are people in this world who find something they like and stick to it. There are other people whose favourite thing is more of a transient state than a permanent fixture and who eat and drink according to their mood rather than a fixed idea of what they like. If any of that sounds familiar, we have just the thing to satisfy that thirst...

Top 12

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A mix of 12 different wines that covers a really good selection of the types of wines available from around the world.  These are perfect for enthusiastic wine drinkers who have quite broad taste and enjoy a diverse range of flavours and tastes. The wines are from New Zealand, Spain, France, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Portugal, Argentina and California and these are the kind of wines that really represent what we do. You can find alternative wines from similar regions in the supermarkets but these are from small producers who lavish care and attention on their products. It’s a different world and one that we love.

Thinking Outside the Box

SHOP NOW - (GBP) £147

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Perfect for enthusiastic imbibers! Again, don’t buy for the fusspots.  This is for people who are adventurous drinkers (they are probably adventurous cooks and eaters too). They like all different kinds of food and wine, they’re not fussy and they probably eat and drink according to what mood they’re in or are continually looking for something new. Probably they know a bit about wine too. These are really interesting bottles, from new regions, smaller appellations or they’re a twist on the unexpected. Each bottle should open up a whole new experience and offer an interesting journey round the wine world.


JN Guide to Choosing Great Christmas Wines.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the extra time it allows for spending with friends & family. And what better way to do so, than over a good meal – and more importantly – some great wine.

Perfecting the dinner party menu can be a difficult task, however choosing the wines need not be. In fact two if our Christmas cases provide the perfect mix, presenting wines that are sure to enhance your Christmas gathering.

One such case is The Christmas Classic selection – full of timeless wines, that I find myself coming back to time and time again. You are certain to find something to suit every main course & starter with in this amiable bunch. The selection includes Pouilly Fumé, Chianti, a top notch Rhone red, Italian Gavi and a white Burgundy. A fabulous sample of some of the best wines Europe has to offer!

If I had to choose just one case to take home with me this Christmas, it would have to be the James Nicholson Recommends case.  James has hand-picked some of his favoured tipples, and popped them all in this easy to love case. Chock-full of interesting options for your dinner party this case provides something different whilst still being easy to match with any meal. Take the Sartarelli Tralivio for example – a charming match for fresh shellfish, white fish & other clean fresh flavours. But matches equally well with mushrooms & truffle!

And don’t forget to round off your evening with a glass of something sweet. If Christmas puddings & mince pies are the order of the day, a tawny port could be the ideal choice. I would lean towards Quinta De La Rosa 10 year old Tawny, as I just adore the warming fig, honey & hazelnut flavours. It also pairs wonderfully with blue cheese, but there are many fabulous ports to choose from on our website.

50cls Quinta De La Rosa Tawny 20yr Pk6

If you are looking for something a little bit special that delivers well beyond its price, I would opt for Hopler Pinot Noir Eiswein. Full of caramel & honeyed fruit this wine is perfect with bright fruit flavours and sweet pastries.

Hopler Pinot Noir Eiswein (1/2) Pk6

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to give us a buzz, or pop in for a chat. We are always happy to discuss your dinner plans with you, and help you pick the perfect wines for your special occasion. Whether that might be a dinner party for you and all your friends, or a special meal in with your nearest & dearest.

Fab Full Bodied Reds. Shop Now.

I’m going to say it loud and proud - winter is my favourite season of the year.

Everything is more of an effort at this time of year; braving the elements, making the effort to put 4 layers on, looking for that umbrella you know is somewhere in that cupboard. But, the bigger the effort the bigger the reward. 

After a day of facing squally conditions, what could be better than coming into the warmth and safety of home, stoking up the fire, serving up a suitable plate of food and opening a big old red? The wine I choose for these moments depends on a number of variables. My mood, what is in on the hob, what is in fridge, who is likely to pop in….but here are a few that I will be enjoying this winter.

Finca Antigua 6 Bottle Wooden Gift Case

One of the first range wines I remember enjoying when I joined the JN Team was the Finca Antigua range from La Mancha in Spain-it has been great to revisit them recently. The La Mancha area is situated west of Valencia. Due to their long hours of sunshine and excellent ripening cycle the wines are rich, rounded and wonderfully integrated into the American oak used for aging. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo head up the range.

SHOP NOW - £57.50 / €80.00

Marques de Murrieta 2008 Gift Pack

Staying in Spain, another wine that will be close at hand will be the Marques de Murrieta 2008 from Rioja. It has become somewhat of a winter tradition to have some of these bottles dotted around the house during the festive season. If you like warm, rich and spicy wines this is a great one.

Marques De Murrieta Rioja Reserva 08 Pk6

SHOP NOW - £115

Full Bodies Rich Reds

Here at JN Wine we are here to make things easier for everyone. If you like Full Bodied Rich Reds, give this mixed case a whirl-available in both a 6 and 12 pack.

Full Bodied Winter Reds (12btls)                 Full Bodied Winter Reds (12btls)

SHOP NOW 12 Btls - £140 / €205  SHOP NOW 6 Btls - £72.50 / €105

Quinta Da Falorca Garrafeira O.V. 2007

Lastly for anyone (hint hint) wanting to know what to buy me for Chrimbo, stay away from those perfume dispensaries and the luxury loungewear providers-buy me this instead and I’ll maybe share it with you!

Quinta Da Falorca Garrafeira O.V. 2007

SHOP NOW - £46.50 / €59.75

A Handpicked Selection of Wonderful Winter Whites - Shop Now.

For me, nothing can beat the crisp, freshness of a white wine, no matter what time of year it is. This winter we have some great cases for those of you who love the white stuff- from Sauvignon Blancs to Picpouls, we have something for everyone’s taste.  

Why not give our style cases a go? We have picked some of our top white winter wines and grouped them by style into individual cases for your drinking pleasure. Our Light and Fresh Winter White case features a selection of wine for those who enjoy an easy going, fresh fruit style of white wine.


For those who enjoy a richer, more opulent style of white, our Full Bodied Winter Whites case is just the thing. This case includes more textural, creamier wines – a perfect pairing with Christmas dinner. 


In the world of white wines, one grape rules them all - Sauvignon Blanc.  That’s why we at JN Wine have put together a Strictly Sauvignon case. This case boasts a range of Sauvignons from different countries and demonstrates the different flavours that this ever popular grape can produce.  It’s a great case to share with friends, or to enjoy on the sofa in front of the telly. 


Along with winter cases we also have our staff picks. A couple of whites that are definitely worth a try are the Cline Viognier and the Domaine Chauviniere Muscadet sur Lie. The Cline Viognier is full of honeyed apricot and is quite full bodied. The Muscadet oozes tart green apple, but also has subtle savoury notes thanks to its lees ageing. 

Cline Viognier 2011Domaine De La Chauviniere Muscadet 2013

SHOP NOW                   SHOP NOW

As it’s Christmas it would be wrong not to treat yourself to some bubbles for Christmas morning breakfast. We have a great selection of Sparkling wine, Prosecco and Champagne, most with 15% off over Christmas.