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Why Decant Wine?

Posted on 2nd August 2010 by JN Wine

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Why Decant Wine?

If there’s one top tip the JN taste team can offer to maximise your vinous enjoyment, it is this: decant your red wines (some white wines also benefit enormously too). Why? Traditionally, most people associate decanting with separating an older wine or port from its sediment.We strongly recommend decanting wine to give it air, let it open up and breathe. So many wines, young and old really benefit from an hour or two in a decanter before drinking – it’s incredible just how much difference it makes to their enjoyment.

  Decant Wines & Taste the difference

Decant a wine Taste the difference

You don’t need to spend a fortune; a simple (ideally glass) jug will suffice. Go on, experiment! Taste the difference it makes.

How to decant a bottle of wine:

If you need to decant a wine with sediment, leave the bottle standing up for a few days to let the sediment settle at the base. Then open and pour gently into the jug or decanter, stopping as you get to the end of the bottle.If the wine has no sediment, then just pour it directly into the decanter and leave to stand for an hour or two before drinking. Best not to leave wine in a decanter overnight though – it will tire more quickly.

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