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Archive: May 2011

John Ferris of Food Belfast interviews James Nicholson

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Chatting to a wine expert is more or less the same as getting into the back of a taxi – you spend the entire time trying not to ask one of the questions you know the driver has been asked a dozen times already that day. But, inevitably at some point your brain thinks about […]

Averil’s Trip to the Lebanon

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AnSYHiH8pfU 9th May Arrived in to Beirut airport late where we were met by head of security and within five minutes had our bags and visas and being driven by Sami into town. Beirut is a city that doesn’t sleep so we dumped our bags at our hotel and had a beer in a near […]

Alsace Evening at Balloo House

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Join us at Balloo House on Thursday 30th June and enjoy our celebration of Alsace. Danny Millar our head Chef spent a few years cooking in this area so he is very keen to highlight the culinary styles of the region. We have chosen a fantastic range of wines from James Nicholson’s extensive Alsace collection […]

The Lebanon Part Two

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Sami Ghosn, Massaya Winery 11th May Leisurely start to the day, Ramzi drove us to their other vineyards in Hadath on the way the very efficient and friendly Lebanese army stopped us at one of their numerous checkpoints to search our bags and check our passports. We made a brief stop to a hut on […]

California Dreaming

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I would love to tour around California in an open top car, visiting beautiful vineyards, tasting delicious wines, eating great food, soaking up the sunshine, camping on the beach and (why not?) having a go at surfing. Sunshine is a marvellous thing. I think it makes people more relaxed, the world appear more beautiful and […]