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Archive: Jul 2012

Bordeaux You Can Afford

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Bordeaux’s reputation as a wine for status seekers and showoffs, backed by slick marketing campaigns to attract buyers with more cash than caution, may be a bit of an old chestnut, but therein lies a grain of truth – at least when applied to the huge prices commanded by the Le Pins and Lafites of […]

New to JN – Quartet Californian Sparkling

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In 1981, Jean-Claude Rouzaud (the then president of Champagne Louise Roederer & fifth generation of the founder) acquired the 580 acre Anderson Valley, Mendocino, California vineyard and winery. Building on a 200-year tradition of fine wine making, Rouzand identified the area as being perfect for the production of top sparkling wines. Roederer Estate’s vineyard has been […]