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It’s Back! Chocolate Block 2012!

Posted on 26th November 2013 by JN Wine

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It’s Back! Chocolate Block 2012!

Please form an orderly queue ladies and gentlemen; the latest vintage of the Chocolate Block has just arrived at JN Wine!  We know how many of you can’t get enough of this smooth as silk, chocolately red wine and there was a predictable buzz around the Boekenhoutskloof table at the Merchant tasting earlier this month.

The good folk at Boekenhoutskloof certainly know a thing or two about winemaking and having a good time (looking at their Facebook page inspires a bit of wanderlust in us).  All that sunshine and wine seems to infuse them with an infectious enthusiasm for life.  Evan Alexander was flying the Boekenhoutskloof flag at the Merchant this year and doing a great job of explaining their philosophy and winemaking styles.

The ultimate aim of The Chocolate Block is that signature smooth and velvety texture, ripe red fruit characters and that vanilla/chocolate finish.  In order to create that consistency, they taste, taste, and taste again to get the blend exactly right.   This means that for the legions of Chocolate Block fans around the world, they get a consistently enjoyable product.  No wonder there’s a loyal following for it and the team has to increase bottlings every year to try and keep up with demand.

We get an allocation every year and we are always sold out before the next one comes so if Chocolate Block is your favourite drop – get your order in early!


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