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Domaine de Ventenac Free Magnum Offer

Posted on 20th August 2014 by JN Wine


Domaine de Ventenac Free Magnum Offer

We have an exclusive offer from Domaine de Ventenac for all our JN customers.

Order 24 bottles of Domaine de Ventenac wines and receive a free magnum of the Reserve de Jeanne Cabardès red!

Domaine de Ventenac is in an appellation called Cabardès which is nestled in between the mountains of the Massif Central on one side, and the Pyrenees on the other.  The climate here is an interesting mix of Mediterranean and Atlantic influences.  The Mediterranean brings warmth and sunshine, the Atlantic brings cooler weather, rain and showers which means they have an extraordinary capacity to grow all sorts of thirsty, sun-loving grapes.  Usually around the Med, you will find Rhône varieties – Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre etc.  The Bordeaux varieties are of course Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec.  In order to use the AOC Cabardès, you have to include at least 40% Bordeaux grapes and 40% Mediterranean grapes.  A unique and interesting mix.

The philosophy at Ventenac captures all that is exciting and interesting about the Languedoc.  This is the south of France and all that tradition and heritage is still very much alive and kicking.  At its heart that means wines with a unique sense of place.  The defined appellations (of which Cabardès is just one) have their unique identities, histories and consistencies and the appellation rules and regulations act to preserve that identity.  At the same time, wineries have the freedom to step outside the strictures of the controlled appellation system, and make ‘vin de pays’ wines which allows them to put the name of the grape varieties on the label and make bright, fruity wines that reflect the character of those grapes – a refreshing (and dare I say) new world idea!

If you would like to take advantage of this exclusive offer, simply order 24 bottles from the following selection.  Then sit back and relax and the wines will be with you in early October.

You can mix and match the 24 bottles any way you choose, but you have to act fast because this offer is only available for a short time.  Once all the orders have been received, we will call Ventenac with the quantities; they will pack up all the wines and ship them to NI!  As soon as the wines arrive on our shores we will deliver to your door or you can collect from our Crossgar shop at a time that suits you.


Telephone orders must be received by 7pm Saturday 6th September or online by Sunday 7th September.

Wines open for tasting in Crossgar Saturday 30th August and Saturday 6th September 12-5pm.

Wines will be delivered / ready for collection beginning of October.

Domaine de Ventenac Colombard/Chenin 2013  

Full price £9.75.  Offer price £8.75

Full price €14.59.  Offer price €13.13

Dom De Ventenac Colombard Chenin 12 Pk6


A bright, fresh and fruity wine with intense grapefruit and lemon flavours and aromas.  The addition of a small proportion of the lesser known Gros Manseng intensifies the citrus freshness of this attractive wine.

Domaine de Ventenac Chardonnay 2013

Full price £8.99.  Offer price £8.09

Full price €14.59  Offer price €13.13

Domaine De Ventenac Chardonnay 2012 Pk6


The aim here was to create a wine with minerality and freshness balanced with ripe, exotic fruit flavours and velvety texture.  The wine is not barrel aged, but does spend some time on fine lees to develop some complexity, body and a slight toasty flavour.  These flavours harmoniously blend with the ripe exotic fruit and honey notes of the grapes.

Domaine de Ventenac Merlot 2013

Full price £9.75.  Offer price £8.78

Full price €14.59.  Offer price €13.13

Domaine De Ventenac Merlot 2012 Pk6


A beautifully expressive Merlot showing the attractive flavours we associate with this grape variety.  The wine has a ripe, red fruit flavour with some delicate chocolate and orange peel undertones.  Drink and enjoy when youthful and bright.

Château Ventenac Reserve de Jeanne Cabardès 2012

Full price £10.50.  Offer price £9.45

Full price €15.45.  Offer price €13.91

Chateau Ventenac Res De Jeanne 2011 Pk6


The Château Ventenac range is named differently to signify the change in emphasis.  This Reserve de Jeanne wine is an AOC designated wine which means it is created to reflect the Cabardès appellation rather than purely the grape varieties it is made from.  The blend comprises 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 35% Syrah and 5% Grenache in accordance with the 40:40 rules of the appellation.  The wine is intense and concentrated with ripe red fruit flavours and some warming spicy notes.

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