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Archive: Jan 2016

Tasty Tasting with Luis from Soalheiro

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In the hills of Melgaço lies one of the finest Alvarinho estates of all – Quinta de Soalheiro. Having fully converted to organic practices in recent years, the estate has been steadily building a reputation for producing the finest Alvarinhos in northern Portugal. When Jim first met with João and his son Luis he was impressed […]

Art, Wine & Food Event

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2016 Pourings From KC Fine Art and JN Wine Kathryn Callaghan lives and works in Co Down and creates work inspired by the beautiful world around her. Her work is created with a honey-like mix of ink and gel, which is poured freestyle onto the image surface.  Free from pencil marks, she intends to evoke […]

Finding Ninot

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Good Burgundy is like nothing else but following a few small harvests, we have seen prices rise to levels that puts it out of most people’s reach. This prompted us to look beyond the big names of the Cote d’Or and we set out on a quest to find a few dynamic young growers from […]

Red Letter Wines (Not Necessarily Red!)

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Have you already got a special date pencilled into the new diary? Maybe an engagement or is that big birthday is looming ever closer? Whether it’s an anniversary, reunion, next Christmas or just a long awaited get-together with friends, we will all be making plans for the future as we open our new diaries and […]