JNWine have put together 12 bottles of our best value and most popular everyday drinking wines. Whether you are looking for a wine to enjoy by yourself, with friends or with food, this selection of 6 red and 6 white wines covers all your needs.

That glass of wine at the end of the day is one of life’s little pleasures and this is a mixed case of wines that hit that perfect point between value and quality that means you’re not spending a fortune but still getting something that really makes you smile and is genuinely a pleasure to drink.

This case is a brilliant selection that will definitely mean there is something for everyone no matter their tastes and preferences.  These are wines that our customers come back to time and again and you’ll find in the fridges and wine racks of the JN staff.  They’re not mass produced industrial wines, they’re small production, made with care and attention and won’t make you feel the effects the next day.  That’s the ethos at JN Wine and these are some of the little treasures of our buying endeavours.

JN Gems