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Archive: Feb 2018

Spanish Whites to Try in 2018!

By JN Wine |

Spain has always been a great place to look for high quality red wines at an affordable price point. But what about Spanish whites? Having played second fiddle to the full-bodied reds of Rioja and the Duero, Spanish whites are starting to take their rightful place centre stage. From the consistently fresh Albariño’s of Galicia […]

Rejecting the norms: Introducing “Les Dissidents”

By JN Wine |

The wine industry has long been governed by strict laws that have influenced the nature of the final product that we decant from the bottle or sip from the glass. These laws (known as Geographical Indications or Appellation Laws) are relevant to the specific and wider wine-growing regions of the world and can restrict growers […]

“Double Decanting” – what it is, when to do it and why

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As wine merchants, we are asked regularly “should I decant this wine?”, “How long does this wine need decanted for?” and various other queries about the age old tradition of transferring your wine from bottle to decanter before serving. Decanting serves two key purposes; one is to remove the sediment from an old or unfiltered […]