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Top 10 tips for buying and enjoying wine from Jane Boyce MW

Posted on 23rd August 2018 by JN Wine

Top 10 tips for buying and enjoying wine from Jane Boyce MW
  1. Get to know grape varieties and regions rather than brand names which are often made up by marketing people and produced in bulk with the objective of being consistent. Look out for new grape varieties and blends which offer something new and interesting. Good examples include:  Michele Biancardi Solo Fiano 2016 and  Hesketh Small Parcels Negroamaro 2016


  1. Re-visit the South of France, Italy and Spain when choosing easy drinking whites and great value reds. Here are a few of my recommendations  ‘Les Dissidents’ Prejugee Chardonnay 2017 , Domaine Negly Les Terrasses white 2016, Galileo red and white and  Cosechero y Criadores Candidato Red 2016


  1. Use your local wine merchant for advice. Most people who work there are passionate about wine and will be only too happy to tell you all about the wine and what to eat with it.


  1. If you like unoaked white wines, buy and drink it young i.e. from the last year or two.


  1. Don’t store your wine near a radiator that goes on and off – it needs a consistent temperature.


  1. An extra couple of pounds goes a long way in terms of quality – if you can stretch your budget to £10 – £12 you will get something twice as interesting. Take your time over it, enjoy the aroma and the colour as well as the taste and you will find you are not glugging it as quickly either. A few of my favourites from the JN range – Cotes du Rhone Villages Gadagne Chateau Quilex 2015 and Domaine de la Chauviniere Clos Les Montys 2017


  1. Don’t be afraid to put the cork or the screwcap back in the wine. Most wines will keep for 2 or 3 days after opening provided you have resealed the bottle


  1. Experiment – don’t just stick to the same wine – there are so many out there to become acquainted with.


  1. Look out for wine tastings and wine fairs – they are a great opportunity to taste a wide range of wines (and spit!) as well as meet the people who make them. Join the mailing list of your local wine merchant and they will keep you informed on events such as dinners and tastings in your area.


  1. Be wary of large mail order companies offering “too good to be true” introductory cases – they are often a way of getting you on their books to sell you lots of more expensive wine.


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