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Archive: Jul 2019

Is there wine in Wine Gums?

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Before we answer the burning question, the question on everyone’s lips, or should that be in their mouth – do Wine Gums contain wine? We should add a little dusting of mystery to proceedings. In 2009 a shop in Cambridgeshire denied a schoolboy the right to purchase these delicious confectionery goods.  Supposedly he was ‘underage’, with the […]

Dönnhoff Visit: Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th June 2019

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About this time two weeks ago I was fast asleep aboard a minibus headed for the village of Oberhausen; a languid, bucolic settlement nestled between rocky outcrops and steep hillsides on a forested bend of the river Nahe – slap bang in the middle of the small but well-renowned German wine region of the same […]

BBQ Wines – The sublime matrimony of meat and fire

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We have heard a rumour that summer approaches, and with a bit of luck, Mother Nature will hear the same rumour and deliver us sunshine more frequently than one day out of five. Summer promises one of the world’s most simple, yet most joyous, gastronomic pleasures; the BBQ. The BBQ is a truly wondrous invention, […]

Independence Day at Ridge Vineyards

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Thursday was a great celebration for the American nation, and my visit to see Paul Draper and his charming wife Maureen invoked such wonderful memories of the time we have spent together over the past 30 years.  Paul has made an enormous contribution not only to Ridge but to the world of wine, one of […]