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European Classics

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A wine tour of Europe, highlighting some of the best wines it has to offer. The case is made up of a mix of established JN favourites and a batch of relative newcomers. The classic regions are represented with Spain’s Rioja, France’s Rhône and Loire, Italy’s Marches and Valpolicella regions and Portugal’s Alentejo all presenting […]

It’s Back! Chocolate Block 2012!

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Please form an orderly queue ladies and gentlemen; the latest vintage of the Chocolate Block has just arrived at JN Wine!  We know how many of you can’t get enough of this smooth as silk, chocolately red wine and there was a predictable buzz around the Boekenhoutskloof table at the Merchant tasting earlier this month. […]

Billecart-Salmon Champagne

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Billecart-Salmon 6 Bottles in Wood I imagine that for most of us mere mortals, drinking champagne is still a special treat and not something we indulge in every day (unless your name is Lily Bollinger). For me, champagne is the epitome of all the enduring romantic ideas of wine drinking: the sense of occasion, of […]

ARTADI Awarded Best Cellar of the Year by Guia Penin 2014

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As exclusive agents for Artadi in Ireland, our congratulations go out to them on their most recent accolade. Bodegas Artadi has been chosen as the best Spanish cellar of the year in the new edition of the prestigious Guia Penin. According to the tasting committee, ARTADI is responsible for some truly  “exceptional wines”. Among the […]

Italy – The Land of Plenty

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You could be forgiven for thinking there were about a dozen grape varieties in the world. The so-called ‘international varieties’ (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and their cronies) seem to dominate the shelves and it is this handful of grape varieties we are all very used to seeing on wine labels. However, if you […]

The Intriguing Wines of Domaine Modat

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Wines like they used to be… From here and there… No need to wait any longer… Intrigued? We were too. These are the names of the wines from Domaine Modat and these quirky phrases on their labels certainly pricked our interest. Domaine Modat Le Petit Mod’Amour 2011 Domaine Modat Comme Avant 2010 Domaine Modat Sans […]