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Guilty Pleasures: Fine Wine and Fast Food by the JN Staff

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How nice would it be to eat out every night of the week, sipping on fine wine and over indulging on expertly prepared food? Unfortunately, for the majority of us, this is not an option. Sometimes, life gets in the way and plans fall through and most of us have to make do. Fear not, […]

The JN Wine Club

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Sign up and receive £25/€30 voucher with your first delivery The world is full of many fabulous wines but most of them are not found in the supermarket. The JN Wine Club is just the thing to help you open the door to a world of much more enjoyable, interesting wine. The difference is sourcing and scale. We […]

Domaine Gayda

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There is a certain freedom to winemaking in the south of France. The warm Mediterranean climate, the long hours of sunshine, mild winters and warm summers mean that a sizeable number of both red and white grape varieties will thrive in your vineyards. Geographically, the Languedoc is enormous and there is plenty of scope for […]

Explore Languedoc – Roussillon

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In the not-too-distant past, Languedoc – Roussillon was the obvious choice as a source of copious amounts of cheap wine to impress the neighbours over the fondue.  Now, thanks to winemakers being encouraged to innovate and experiment, this vast wine region is home to some of the most exciting wines to be found anywhere in […]

Domaine Gayda’s Flying Solo Collection

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Recently arrived at JN Wine, and the perfect accompaniment to a dreary Winter weekend; the flying solo range from Domaine Gayda is sure to impress. As with all of the Domaine’s wines, they deliver extraordinary value for money, and an interesting story to boot. The team at Domaine Gayda introduced the Flying Solo collection to celebrate […]