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Stars of Spain: Dominio de Tares

The wines of Dominio de Tares will be open for tasting at JN this Saturday (14 September). All of our Dominio de Tares  wines currently have 15% off.

There are whispers on the grapevine of something exciting happening in a little corner of northwest Spain. Now and again throughout winemaking history, there are sparks of revolution and innovation –could Bierzo be the next big thing?

During one of his buying trips to Spain and Portugal, Mr Nicholson rather serendipitously came across the talented people at Dominio de Tares. They are one of the fantastic teams in Bierzo turning these intriguing grapes into quality wines. With the ideal ingredients of old vines, great sites, and a hefty dose of talent, they’re making quite a name for themselves in the region and attracting very favourable comments from some of the world’s most renowned critics.

They have some of the oldest vines in the region; some are more than 80 years old (just as significant in vine years as it is in human years) and they are fully exploring the versatility and charms of the indigenous grape varieties to make a range of delicious wines in different styles.

The red grape of Bierzo is called Mencía (pronounced men-seeya) and the white is Godello. Mencía has similarities to Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. There’s good red fruit concentration, herbal notes and unobtrusive tannins, making for a lighter sensation when drinking the wine but without any loss of flavour. Godello is a light and fresh (grapefruity) wine with a delicate aroma that transports you to warm Mediterranean shores and the delicate scent of evening flowers as the sun goes down.

Our range of Dominio de Tares wines are on offer with an introductory 15% off the normal shelf price.

Dominio de Tares Godello 2012

Dominio De Tares Godello 2012 Pk6

The only white in the range. Aromatic and fresh with a zesty, grapefruity finish. Has been aged in barrel for a short while to add some smoky, savoury notes.

GB/NI - shelf price: £16.95 offer price: £14.40

Dominio de Tares Baltos 2010

Dominio De Tares Baltos 2010 Pk6

Their entry level Mencía from younger vines, made to be fruity and vibrant and for drinking now. A fantastic introduction to this delicious grape with its attractive red fruit, delicate violet aromas and refreshing finish. “Highly recommended” (Decanter, April 2013, 17.75/20 pts)

GB/NI - shelf price: £10.99 offer price: £9.30

Dominio de Tares Cepas Viejas 2009

Dominio De Tares Cepas Viejas 08/09 Pk6

A step up from the Baltos, from older vines (60 years) and with longer barrel ageing for more structure and body. This wine is more intense with cherry, raspberry, violet, liquorice and spice on the nose. Smooth, full bodied and elegant with a long finish. “Outstanding” (Decanter, April 2013, 18.75/20 pts)

GB/NI - shelf price: £16.95 offer price: £14.40

Dominio de Tares Bembibre 2007

Dominio De Tares Bembibre 2007 Pk6

An even more intense wine from vines of over 80 years of age. The wine benefits from longer oak ageing resulting in a more concentrated, rich wine that will age beautifully for another decade. The wine shows deeper flavours and aromas of black cherries, black plums, floral notes of roses and violets and underlying tobacco and sandalwood. It is full and smooth with persistent length, refreshing acidity and perfect balance.

GB/NI - shelf price: £23.90 offer price: £20.30