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Drinking Cellar

Building a cellar is a life long project that requires constant monitoring: how to lay wines down; when wines are drinking; replenishment; and most importantly what it is that you really like to drink. That is what this plan is all about.

Most of us who are interested in wine will be fortunate enough to get to taste a few really great bottles during the course of our lives. All too often we are limited to reading about them. Our intention here is to create a cellar tailored to your palate. Not a few decent bottles that will be “nice on a Sunday”, but a slumbering collection of bottles that will give you the utmost drinking pleasure. With careful planning and patience, wines can be selected with more structure and therefore lifespan than others, which will result in a diverse collection coming to maturity at varying stages in time. Therefore, after a few years of attention you will have a superb collection yielding wines at the peak of their development. We will draw up a plan guided by your tastes and interests. Each cellar created will be utterly unique.

Due to the fact that we import all of our wines directly, we work exclusively with some of the finest growers and winemakers in the world. This enables us to secure parcels of highly sought after, limited production wines which range from the Bordeaux and Burgundy to wines from Spain and Italy, light, fortified wines and Champagne, wines from old established winemakers and houses as well as new up-and-coming producers. Also we run a comprehensive Bordeaux En Primeur campaign, effectively wine futures, operational now for the past twenty years - an exceptionally good value way of building your collection. For a drinking cellar it would be preferable to store wines duty paid.

Drinking cellars can be created from £100 per month.

If you are interested in starting a Drinking Cellar, email our Fine Wine Department.