They say it takes 30 days to acquire a habit so, back by popular demand, this summer we’re dedicating the entire month of July to Germany’s most famous grape variety – Riesling! Why are we doing this? Simple; we want to share the Riesling love. Adored by wine fans across the land, we want to showcase just how food-friendly and delicious German Riesling is.  If you’re tired of sipping on the same old white wine, it’s time to get tasting German Riesling – from fruity and aromatic to racy and bone dry, there’s a German Riesling out there for you…

Want to impress your friends with your Riesling knowledge? Check out some of these facts -

Did you know that with more than 50% of all of the Riesling vineyards in the world, Germany is the biggest Riesling growing country?

Searching for a dry Riesling? Look for the word ‘trocken’ on the label as that means ‘dry’.

Ever wondered why some bottles of German Riesling have ‘Kabinett’, ‘Spätlese’, ‘Auslese’, ‘Beerenauslese’ or ‘Trockenbeerenauslese’ on their label? These terms refer to the level of ripeness of the grapes when picked. Kabinett Rieslings have the lowest but freshest level of ripeness and tend to be drier in style, while Trockenbeerenauslese Riesling grapes have been left on the vine for much longer to produce ripe and sweet wines.

With naturally high acidity, Rieslings are said to be amongst the best white wines in the world, and some have ageing potential similar to some of world’s best red wines from top regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Searching for the perfect wine to match Asian food? Try a German Riesling – it is one of the few varietals that pairs well with hot and spicy flavours!

Many German Rieslings have a naturally lower level of alcohol (8-10%) making them the perfect light summer choice!


Here at JN we will be running a German Riesling promotion for two weeks in July (20th to 31st). During these two weeks we will have a selection of German Rieslings available with 15% off! We will be pairing 6 different styles of Riesling with food, to give you some ideas of the kinds of food that partner perfectly with German Riesling. This is the perfect opportunity to give them a go. 

You can view all the Rieslings currently on offer here.