It might be because they remind us of holidays or it might be that Italian wines (whites in particular) are somehow just right for summer drinking.

Italy has a plethora of tasty white varieties that you rarely see anywhere else. They are generally speaking dry, fruity, fresh and quite gentle – perfect for that slower pace and relaxed, stretched out evenings and sunny days.

Most people will start their journey into Italian whites with Pinot Grigio or Prosecco which are extremely popular and for good reason. It is worth looking beyond these to discover more of Italy’s offerings. Fiano, Soave, Gavi, Vermentino and Verdicchio are all worth trying and should assimilate into your repertoire with ease.

Zuani Vigne Collio Bianco 2014

Zuani Vigne Collio Bianco 2014

£16.50 / €22.95 - 15% Summer Discount - £14.32 / €19.51

A treasure on our Italian shelves that never fails to impress. A blend of different grape varieties that combine to give a seriously tasty wine with deep layers of fruit flavour and absolutely no oak.  Very smooth and suave.

Sodevo Pinot Grigio 2014

Sodevo Pinot Grigio 2014

£13.50 / €19.95 - 15% Summer Discount - £11.48 / €16.96

Made by the very clever lady behind Zuani, this is a Pinot Grigio with more flavour and concentration than usual. Delicious.

Michele Biancardi Solo Fiano 2014

Michele Biancardi Solo Fiano 2014 Pk6

£10.95 / €16.75 - 15% Summer Discount - £9.31 / €14.24

This white is 100% Fiano, one of those deliciously refreshing and tasty white grapes that Italy does better than nearly anywhere else. These wines are eminently suitable for easy-going, laid back summer drinking.

Michele Biancardi Uno Piu Uno 2013

Michele Biancardi Uno Piu Uno 2013 Pk6

£9.50 / €15.75 - 15% Summer Discount - £8.08 / €13.39

A blend of Nero di Troia and Primitivo, this wine is soft and plush, deeply fruity and tasty but not heavy or tannic. Again, this is absolutely ideal for the warmer days.