There is still time to place your order, en primeur, for these exquisite wines from Artadi. The new range of Single vineyard wines come in packs of 3 meaning they offer a real investment opportunity. You may even wish to purchase all the Artadi 2011's and enjoy exploring the different flavour profiles offered by the very different terroirs.

The Single Vineyards

Artadi El Carretil Pack of 3 bottles - £170/€212

The 5-hectare El Carretil vineyard is set on sandstone with calcereous layers on its highest and poorest areas. The wines typically have fine tannins and a distinct mineral underlay.

The 2011 harvest was the first in which Artadi rigorously applied the criteria of organic farming in all its aspects. The first steps in biodynamic farming have also been initiated. 2011 was an extremely dry year. The winter in particular was much drier than usual and the growing season began with low water reserves. Heavy rainfall during the months of March and April allowed budding with a little more energy than expected although the presence of rain at the beginning of flowering hampered fruit set. Temperatures during the summer period were very low and the process slowed growing and maturing, a situation that changed dramatically during the months of August and September which brought high temperatures and water stress. Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle, Artadi's inspirational chief winemaker considers that, despite Natures's ravages, the wines convey "cleanliness, transparency, fruit, freshness, energy, muscle and whole strength of youth". The El Carretil reveals floral perfumes on the nose, subsequebtly dominated by mineral notes. On the palate, complex sweet and juicy fruits are followed by a long, mineral finish. Do not contemplate drinking this wine until 5 to 10 years have elapsed - then let pure pleasure unfold.

Artadi El Carretil 2011 Pk3

Artadi La Poza Pack of 3 bottles - £98/€123

The Poza de Ballesteros vineyard covers a mere 3.6 hectares of clay-limestone soils typically rendering wines of intense flavour with dense, rounded tannins. The 2011 vintage heralded the first year in which Artadi strictly applied the principles of organic agriculture in all their plots. Biodynamic agriculture has also been initiated in specific vineyards. Despite challenging weather conditions with drought, cold and heat all contributing to a difficult growing season, Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle believes that sustainable agronomical practices have helped produce wines whose superb quality has trumped the adverse weather conditions. The Poza de Ballesteros shows mineral/slate characteristics on the nose with stone fruits with a dollop of creamy blackberry on the palate. There is great depth and power, but also commendable freshness. The wine should be drinking within 5 years and will develop for many more.

Artadi La Poza De Ballesteros 2011 Pk3

Artadi Valdegines Pack of 3 Bottles - £65/€81

The south-east facing 7-hectare Valdeginés vineyard is located in the narrow corridor of the San Ginés Valley a couple of miles from the winery in Laguardia. The wines are produced from 100% Tempranillo grapes and are typically powerful, well-structured and well-balanced. Despite the ravages of drought, cold and excessive heat experienced at various times in the 2011 growing season, Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle, Artadi's charismatic proprietor is confident that the wines are top quality due in large part to the sustainable agricultural practices employed by the company, with its emphasis on organic and biodynamic winemaking. The Valdegines displays juicy fruit on the nose and is more open than the 2010 at the same stage of development. The palate unfolds with sweet fruit and a racy mineral core. The wine will be drinking within the next 4 years and will go on for 10+.

Artadi Valdegines 2011 Pk3

Artadi Pagos Viejos Pack of 3 bottles - £168/€210

Pagos Viejos is testament to the skills of Artadi's visionary winemaker Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle. Tempranillo grapes are sourced from 50-year-old vineyards before undergoing rigorous selection at six sorting tables to ensure only the best make it into the finished wine. The composition of the blend aims to show the complexity and character typical of the Tempranillo grape - fruit is sourced from sites with varying topography, altitude, soil types and planting densities. Grapes are also picked from the single vineyards and it is possible to detect their influence - ripeness from Poza, minerality from El Carretil and aromatics from Valdeginés. This is a wine of great complexity with subtle nuances and one that will evolve for many years.

Artadi Valdegines 2011 Pk3

Artadi El Pison Pack of 6 bottles- £499/€625

El Pison comes from a single 2.4 hectare vineyard planted in 1945 on pure limestone. It is the epitome of elegance and sensuality, its silky tannins coveying complex flavours, minerality, delicate spices and a lengthy, pure finish. In the words of Artadi's Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle: The Pison vineyard produces a wine which is a reflection of the knowledge of our ancestors and our passion to keep the spirit of the vineyard alive. Drink from 2018.

Artadi El Pison 2011 Pk6