Autumn is rapidly approaching and as the temperatures drop, evenings by the fireside at home become ever more appealing and a delicious glass of wine will set the scene very nicely.  

Our latest style cases are just the thing to get your taste buds tingling. Each case is carefully selected to capture the essence of each different style so whether you love a fresh, crisp white wine or a big, full-bodied red, we have just the thing and hopefully a few new wines for you to try too.

Light and Fresh Whites

Light And Fresh Autumn Whites (6 Btls)Light And Fresh Autumn Whites (6 Btls)

12 Bottle Case £109 / €162

6 Bottle Case £56 / €€84

These wines are fruity, lively, fresh and crisp. Sauvignon Blanc and Pecorino are excellent examples of this style of wine and the bottles in this case include some really interesting and delicious wines in a similar vein. In terms of food pairings, they go brilliantly with fish, salads, and light cheeses or on their own with friends.

Full Bodied Whites

12 Bottle Case £122 / €178

6 Bottle Case £63 / €91.50

These wines are carefully selected for those who enjoy white wines with some richness and opulence. The flavours here are wide ranging but typically include some ripe fruit and perhaps some creamy or toasty notes.  They are textural wines that go brilliantly with richer foods such as roast pork or chicken or even creamy dishes.


Soft and Fruity Reds

Soft And Fruity Autumn Reds (6 Btls)Soft And Fruity Autumn Reds (6 Btls)

12 Bottle Case £114 / €172

6 Bottle Case £59 / €88

A selection of red wines created in very appealing soft and fruity style. The wines are from a selection of grape varieties that are generously fruity, low in tannin and very easy drinking. The wines can be drunk on their own or with cold meats or midweek pizza/pasta. Perfect to have on hand when friends call round or you want to relax with a glass of something lovely.

Full Bodied Reds

Autumn Full Bodied Reds (12btls)Autumn Full Bodied Reds (12btls)

12 Bottle Case £111 / €175

6 Bottle Case £58 / €90

These wines are made from the denser black grape varieties that are richer and more full-bodied with dark, ripe, juicy fruit and good structure.  The wines come from all over the winegrowing world and are decadent and sumptuous with texture and complexity.  These wines are fabulous food partners and work extremely well with red meat, game and any number of full flavoured dishes.