Frédéric and Céline Gueguen have recently taken a brave step into the world of the self-employed.  2013 was an important year for this young couple; this is when they purchased their vineyards and harvested their own fruit to make their own wine for the first time.  Bravo!


As native Chablisiens, the world of winegrowing was never far from their sights.  Both have family members making wines here and both have grown up in a strong wine culture.  Frédéric was born in Paris but his mother was from Chablis and they moved back here when he was 12.  Since then he has been working in vineyards helping his cousin and his uncle during his weekends and holidays.  He clearly got the bug and went off to study winemaking and viticulture and his career progressed from there.  For the next 15 years Frédéric has been honing his skills and developing his expertise working for other growers in the region.   Céline took a more commercial route undertaking sales and marketing and wine tourism for her father’s domaine which is where the two met.  Their complementary talents and experience have given them the confidence and wherewithal to strike out on their own.  Now they are doing things their own way, taking charge of the process from grape to bottle and beyond and making their mark on the world.

As far as their custodianship of the land is concerned, they take a very conscientious approach by farming as organically as possible with minimal use of chemicals.  Sustainability is key.  As well as wanting to harvest grapes that are as healthy and tasty as possible they are cognisant of leaving a legacy for their children.

The property consists of 22 ha of vineyards dotted around the Chablis region, each with a unique terroir and they use minimal intervention in the winery to capture as much of this diversity as possible.  The parcels are then blended to make wines that most fully express the multi-faceted character of Chablis.  The icing on the cake is the beautiful property on site that they have converted to accommodation for tourists – now where did I leave my passport…?

Domaine Gueguen Chablis 2013