Here at JN we’re partial to the odd cocktail and now we have a great excuse to dust off the cocktail shaker. Local craft distillery Hughes, based in Country Antrim, produce bottle-aged liqueur made with only the finest produce sourced right here in Ireland.  This small batch producer is dedicated to producing exceptional craft spirits.  The quality of the ingredients isn’t to be messed about with- using only real, whole fruit, Irish grain spirit (distilled and charcoal filtered) and a touch of sugar they produce liqueurs packed full of flavour.  Each bottle is filled and sealed by hand and allowed to bottle-age naturally over a few months.  

We currently stock all four of the RubyBlue liqueurs- but which one is for you?  After having sampled all four I still can’t pin one down as my absolute favourite- they’re all delicious!  

RubyBlue Blackcurrant Liqueur

This little gem is made using whole Irish Blackcurrants.  And wow! You can taste the quality and care that has gone into producing this.  It’s absolutely packed full of fresh fruit flavour.  

Why not try it with Champagne, Cava or Prosecco in a Kir Royal? Or even better- how about a Ruby Bramble?

Fill a tumbler with crushed ice

Add 25ml RubyBlue Blackcurrant

10ml Lemon juice

25ml Gin


RubyBlue Blueberry Liqueur

Bursting full of blueberry goodness this was a real hit at our tasting session in Crossgar.  Just tasting this liqueur transported me to a summer’s evening enjoying drinks out in the sun.  

What about making some fruity Blueberry Tinis

50ml RubyBlue Blueberry

25ml Vodka

50ml Apple juice

Garnish with some of the blueberries from the bottle

Or, how about incorporating it into a Bellini? Just add 25ml RubyBlue Blueberry to your favourite Champagne/Prosecco/Cava.


RubyBlue Cranberry Liqueur

Again, this flavour proved very popular at our sampling session.  It really captured the refreshing, thirst quenching flavours of fresh cranberries.  This is a must-have to keep in the fridge for when friends come round for drinks! 

What could be better than a delicious Cosmopolitan?


50ml RubyBlue Cranberry

25ml Cointreau

50ml Cranberry juice

50ml Raspberry Juice



RubyBlue Chilli Pepper Liqueur

The wild card of the pack.  This is the newest, fiery addition to the RubyBlue range.  I have to admit, I’d never tried a chilli liqueur before- but wow.  It was hot and sweet, warming and had great length.  

Why not give it go in a Bloody Mary?

25ml RubyBlue Chilli Pepper

5ml Lemon juice

100ml Tomato juice

Celery Salt

Black pepper

Splash of Worcestershire sauce

Garnish with celery

We also stock a RubyBlue Miniature set which contains 4 x 5cl bottles of each flavour.  A nice gift for the liqueur lover in your life. 

So get your cocktail sets out and get inventing! The options are limitless when it comes to liqueurs and cocktails, and where better to start than with this local producer?