Join us on Monday 27th October from 6:30pm-8:30pm at JN Wine Crossgar as we exhibit Leo Casements stunning paintings. 

16 works shall be exhibited for the week, Monday nights event will be accompanied with some delicious wine and finger food. The exhibition will run 10am/7pm for the remainder of the week, concluding 1st November.

As part of JNs association with Youth Action NI, 10% of all sales will go to Youth Action. 


More about Leo

Leo Started Painting at an early age and excelled at art during his school days. After leaving school he went to Dublin to paint portraits and street scenes as a living. He then moved to London and France continuing to paint before returning home to Ireland.

Leo had a successful first exhibition in Downpatrick in 1977. However he felt he wasn’t finished traveling and left again for France. He traveled through Europe and ended up in Spain, eventually settling in Marbella for a period of time.

Returning to Northern Ireland in the early 90’s he had built himself a considerable reputation and was in constant demand for commissions and exhibitions leading to numerous prizes for his horse paintings.

In recent years Leo has won many prestigious awards including the Anna Cheyne Award for the first artwork to be accepted for Lisburn City, the Northern Art Prize (all Ireland) and numerous others for horse and landscape paintings.

''I would like to thank James Nicholson and his staff for hosting this event, and Sammy Daye for his work framing my art. I hope you find the exhibition of my work both inspiring and enjoyable. I look forward to any enquiries you have about my work.''

Leo Casement.